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*** Seal of approval for Indien-Schmuckkunst ***

Dear customers,

We have decided to have our webshop certified by means of a seal of approval. In order to send a clear signal regarding our respectability to our new customers, we have chosen to get proved from "Checked Webshop". All details can be found in our blog article on this topic. An additional advantage is that it is now also possible to publish consistently our customer opinions - mainly positive ones! The two elements are integrated on the right edge of our shop. We look forward to your evaluations and hope to convince you with these additional confidence-building measures of our seriousness and our great products and accompanying services.

*** Premium Jewellery - Series Mogul ***

Dear customers, We have succeeded in getting some very special pieces of jewelery from our Indian producer, especially in the premium sector. These pieces of jewelry are rare and difficult to obtain. We present these special pieces of jewelry as "Series Mogul". The jewels of this premium range consist of several different, harmonious, coordinated gemstones. They are classifiable as medium to large and of the highest quality and beauty. Furthermore, they are characterized by a particularly elaborate design and are mostly unique. The jewelery sets in the premium area Multistone we would like to highlight. These sets are made of absolutely unique jewelry combinations. You will not find such jewelry sets anywhere else. Underline your individual touch with these unique jewelery sets. We offer you just a small number of these exclusive jewelery sets. Here are some jewelry sets  


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