Indian Bracelet Jewelry • Gemstones • 925 Silver

Indian Bracelet Jewelry • Gemstones • 925 Silver


Bracelet Jewelry from India

Gemstones ❂ Pure 925 Sterling Silver


We offer bracelets with precious stones and bracelets made entirely of 925 silver. Jewelry made of 925 sterling silver in high processing quality - small masterpieces of Indian craftsmanship.

In the Silver Bracelets section you will find wonderful designs - snake chain, braided pattern, elephant, cord chain and octagon.

In the Gemstone Bracelets section, choose from the range of facetted and cabochon-cut gemstones in best quality with smooth and ornate silver decoration.

Authentic bracelet jewelry for ♀ + ♂: The bracelets are jewelry for both women and men and are available in suitable lengths.

Note: The lengths given are the entire length, i.e. the entire circumference of the bracelet.

Indian Silver Bracelet Jewelry ❂ 925 Silver Jewelry

Gorgeous bracelets made of 925 sterling silver ☙ Authentic designs ☙ Handcrafted in top quality ☙ Indian silver jewelry for ♀ + ♂

Indian Gemstones Bracelet Jewelry ❈ Silver Jewelry

Beautiful bracelets with gemstones set in 925 sterling silver Great selection of designs in excellent craftsmanship from India