Indian Earrings • Silver Jewelry • Gemstone Earrings

Indian Earrings • Silver Jewelry • Gemstone Earrings


Indian Earrings Jewelry - pure 925 Silver and with Gemstones


Beautiful handmade earrings jewelry in pure silver and silver with precious stones. Best craftsmanship from India in 925 sterling silver. Lovers of high quality silver jewelry will be amazed.


Length of the Earrings:

The length of the earrings always refers to the length without ear studs. This means, the size of the piece of jewelry is indicated.


Free for you with every pair of earrings:
Silicone earring stopper

With every pair of earrings free silicone earrings stopper from Indien-Schmuckkunst We add earring stopper to every pair of earrings for free.
The earrings stay in the ear - no loosening or unfastening of the earrings. The earring stopper are 4mm in size, are made of skin-friendly silicone, the colour is transparent, so they are barely visible. The handling of the earring stopper is very simple: You pull the earring stopper over the ear hanger - so you fix the earring.
This is our special service for you: earring stopper for your Indian earrings for free.


Categories of the Earrings:

We currently have earrings in the following gemstone categories:
methyst, citrine, garnet, carnelian, labradorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, onyx and turquoise.

All other earrings with gemstones can be found in the category Gemstone Variety in 925 Silber

Earrings Jewelry made of 925 Silver and in 'Jhumka' Design can also be found in this separate subcategory.

Peridot earrings can be found in the category Peridot, Blue Topaz earrings can be found in the category Blue Topaz.

You can find Ethnic Earrings in Nepal Style with turquoise, red coral and lapis lazuli, as well as earrings made from Shiva ShellAmber and Sea Jasper in the respective category.


Photos of the Earrings:

The photos are close-ups, so please note the size and weight of the jewelry. Possibly changed colour representation by the monitor and resolution used and by the uniqueness of the respective gemstones is possible.

Here is a small selection of our earrings jewelry range: