Indian Turquoise Earrings ⚜ artful Design 925 Silver

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These Arizona Turquoise earrings feature a unique silver design. The gemstone is set in silver like a round disc (Ø 10mm) and decorated with tiny silver triangles. A small turquoise (Ø 3mm) with a delicate sun-shaped decoration is placed in the middle. On the outside, a stylized 'laurel wreath' made of artistic braid with double silver strands frames the Arizona turquoise. With the high-quality and fine design, the earrings have a depth of 10mm.
The Arizona turquoise has a beautiful matrix (drawing), which is beautifully highlighted by the silver decoration.
These earrings are a testament to the detailed Indian jewelry art with gemstones - handmade from 925 sterling silver.

Additional product information

Weight-Earrings 12.3 grams
Length-Earrings 23 mm
Width-Earrings 20 mm

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