⚞ -15% Advent Calender ⚟ Wicket ➀ - ➁➃ -15% on Jewelry

⚞ -15% Advent Calender ⚟ Wicket ➀ - ➁➃ -15% on Jewelry


⚞ -15% Advent Calendar ⚟
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As part of our 15th jubilee, we are launching the Indien-Schmuckkunst 'India Jewelry Art' Advent Calendar on Friday, December 1st, 2023:

Every day from December to ➁➃ we offer you a piece of jewelry* from our varied collection in the Advent calendar with a -15% discount - to increase the pleasant anticipation of Christmas.
*valid on the respective Advent day, while stocks last, the loyalty discount does not apply

Open the present two ⚞ -15% ⚟ wickets ➁➃ in our ⚞ Advent Calendar ⚟ and discover Indian pieces of jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, the price is reduced each by -15%.

And: You can also 'collect' - we will be happy to send your purchased pieces of jewelry in one delivery. Please leave a brief note for your valuable order.

Your precious items will be delivered in a matching jewelry box and lovingly gift-wrapped.

We thank you for your trust and wish you and your loved ones a lot of joy with the handcrafted 925 silver jewelry from India.

Advent Calender Number

Credits: Advent Calender Graphic from Freepik