Dendritic Opal Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver

Dendritic Opal Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver


Dendritic Opal Pendants in 925 Silver

Exquisite silver jewelry pendants with dendritic opal. The gemstone dendritic opal, also called 'milky opal', with its delicate, branched structures, makes one think of landscapes, paintings. No two stones are alike, a wonderful eye-catcher. These jewels are very appealing - best craftsmanship from India made of 925 sterling silver.

About Dendritic Opal:
The group of precious opals includes a whole series of wonderful gemstones that have one thing in common: they shimmer and shine in an imaginative interplay of colours, including opalizing, a rainbow-like iridescence that changes according to the angle of view. Without the typical play of colours, they are simply called common opal.

The 'milky opal' belongs to the common opals as well as its varieties dendrite opal, moss opal etc.
The dendritic opal is a milky opal with dendritic inclusions. All dendritic opal gems are characterised by dark, dendritic deposits, some of trees, shrubs, ferns or just a moss (= moss opal) (dendritic, branched, ramified).
These inclusions are mostly iron and/or manganese solutions that have penetrated the stone.

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Pendant Dendritic Opal round • 925 Silver Jewelry

Magnificent pendant dendritic opal 'milky opal' • Decorated with silver rim • Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

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