Citrine Rings Jewelry • Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

Citrine Rings Jewelry • Indian 925 Silver Jewelry


Silver rings with citrine gemstone


In this category you will find magnificent Indian citrine rings jewelry. The silver rings with citrine are handmade 925 sterling silver jewellery.
Citrine are gemstones with a magnificent yellow to orange color spectrum.

Citrine has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the 10-point scale and is very easy to work with and grip. But it is also very sensitive to heat - be careful when soldering.
Citrine is a gemstone for the third solar plexus (solar plexus) chakra. This is in resonance with the color yellow.

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New Indian Citrine Ring ✧ modern Design 925 Silver Jewelry -30%

SALE -30%

Small irregularity in the silver setting

Indian ring with sparkling facet cut citrine ✧ 925 sterling silver jewelry

32.10 *
SALE 45.90 €

Indian Citrine Ring ❦ 925 Silver Jewelry Ethnic Style

Indian ring with yellow sparkling citrine ❦ Tasteful ethnic style crafted in 925 sterling silver  Jewelry art from India

45.90 *

Elegant Citrine Ring ☼ Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

Indian ring with natural-coloured citrine ☼ Facetted cut ☼ Elegant, high silver setting ☼ Jewelry art in 925 sterling silver

49.90 *

Indian Citrine Ring in Ethnic Look ☙ 925 Silver Ornament

Attractive citrine ring in ethnic look ☙ Delicate floral silver ornament ☙ Jewelry from Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

39.90 *

Indian Ring Smoky Quartz with Citrine ☙ Vajra ☙ 925 Silver

Magnificent Indian ring smoky quartz with citrine ☙ Ring head ornated with stylized vajra ☙ Handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry

67.90 *

Premium Ring Rutilated Quartz with Citrin ⚜ 925 Silver Design

Magnificent premium quality ring with golden rutilated quartz and citrine ⚜ Indian jewelry design handmade in 925 sterling silver

95.90 *
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