Turquoise | Coral | Lapis • Rings Ethnic Silver Jewelry

Turquoise | Coral | Lapis • Rings Ethnic Silver Jewelry


Rings Ethnic Style from 925 Sterling Silver with Turquoise, Coral and Lapis


In this category you will find beautiful rings jewelry in ethnic style 'Kathmandu' from India/Nepal. The jewelry of this series are made of 925 sterling silver - in contrast to most, otherwise available on the market 'Nepal/Tibet' pieces of jewelry. The gemstone is a combination of lapis lazuli, light blue turquoise and red coral. The jewelry is very finey crafted, convince with loving details in the jewelry design and the from the rings,  earrings and pendants fit together perfectly.

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Indian Turquoise Ethnic Ring • open Ring Band • 925 Silver

Indian ring with turquoise ☙ Magnificent silver decoration with depth effect ☙ Jewelry art in ethnic style made of 925 sterling silver

59.90 *

Magnificent Turquoise Ring ❦ Indian 925 Silver Ethnic Jewelry

Large Indian ring with turquoise gemstones ❦ Magnificent silver decoration ❦ Handcrafted ethnic style jewelry made of 925 sterling silver

67.90 *

Ring with Turquoise - Indian Ethnic Design in 925 Silver

Indian ring in ethnic style 'Kathmandu' ☼ Round ring head studded with light blue turquoise ☼ Jewelry made from 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Indian Ring Turquoise with Coral • Ethnic Style 925 Silver -50%


Small irregularities

Ethnic ring 'Kathmandu' ❦ Light blue turquoise with red coral ❦ 925 sterling silver

24.90 *
SALE 49.90 €
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