Stylish Indian Bracelet ⚜ 925 Silver ⚜ Ornated Clasp

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This artfully braided bracelet is made entirely of 925 sterling silver and has an exceptionally beautifully decorated clasp. The braided design consists of a pattern of two double, braided silver strands - the slightly blackened silver gives the artistic braiding an attractive depth effect.
The bracelet is framed by the elegant semi-arched ends of the clasp with the partly raised splendid ornament. Leaves entwine harmoniously around the two central flowers, the floral relief is framed by discreet silver pearls.
The slide lock snaps in place well and is easy to use with the release button. The clasp is 13mm wide and 3mm high, the entire length is 47mm.
The bracelet is 11mm wide, 3mm thick and has a silver weight of 40 grams, the high-quality braid makes it very supple and comfortable to wear.
A real eye-catcher made in the best Indian silversmithing and stylish piece of jewelry for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.

» Bracelet length 20 cm ⚜ thickness 3 mm

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Weight 40 grams
Bracelet length 20 cm
Width 11 mm
Thickness 3 mm

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