Indian 925 Silver Bracelet Braided Ø 5mm ☸ Lotus Flower

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The impressive Indian silver bracelet is round and consists of a supple, braided silver strand with a diameter of 5mm. The end pieces of the bracelet are artfully crafted with a stylized lotus with the unopened lotus flower. Its borders are engraved and decorated with typical Indian ornaments with small bows and silver beads. The toggle clasp with the dainty decorated eyelet completes the harmonious design.

Due to the slight blackening of the silver, the bracelet has an appealing ethnic look.
Elaborate details characterize this bracelet made of 925 sterling silver - a wonderful, handcrafted piece of jewelry from India for both women and men.

☞ Note on the fitting length of the bracelet:

With a wrist circumference of 18 cm, this round bracelet with 21 cm fits well on the wrist.

Additional product information

Weight 40.5 grams
Length 21 cm
Thickness 5 mm
Chain length 21 cm

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