'Harmony Ball' Pendant ornated ❈ 925 Silver Jewelry

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'Harmony Ball' jewelry pendant is a symbolic piece of jewelry for relaxation and produces a fine, quietly audible chime sound when worn.

This 'Harmony Ball' pendant consists of a closed silver ball (cannot be opened) with an inner sound ball.
The 'Harmony Ball' measures 18mm in diameter and has a detailed silver decoration. In the middle is a silver line, which is ornated with a row of tiny silver discs above and below. This is followed by an ornament of tiny silver pearls arranged in a triangular shape, followed by a double circumferential silver cord. The upper and lower 'pole' of the ball are also decorated with small silver discs. The 'Harmony Ball' is meticulously crafted in 925 sterling silver and wonderful to look at.

'Harmony Ball' pendants are often worn by pregnant women in countries like Bali and Mexico. Here a long chain is taken so that the pendant lies directly on the mother's belly and the unborn child can hear the gentle sounds.
The gentle tones, which are reminiscent of a whisper of the wind, can be heard through the carrying of the pendant. Inside the sound ball is a free ball that runs like a xylophone over small metal plates.

Enchanting jewelry with a beautiful visual and tonal effect.

Note: The 'Harmony Ball' pendant was photographed with Indian Snake Chain Ø 1.6mm - the snake chain is not part of the offer.

Additional product information

Weight-Pendant 7.4 grams
Length-Pendant 43 mm
Width-Pendant 18 mm

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