Indian Bangle ☙ Elephants Relief ☙ 925 Silver

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The special feature of this Indian bangle is the decorative relief with elephants. Elephants face each other in pairs, their trunks pointing up and touching each other. With the detailed design and the slightly blackened silver of the background, the elephants appear vividly. A silver cord embellishment and smooth, shiny silver band tastefully frame the parade of elephants at the top and bottom.
The bangle has a width of 13mm. The ends of the bangle are adorned with a triangular smooth silver trim, the inside has a shiny finish.
The silver weight of 25 grams and the precise workmanship give the bangle a stable shape and protect it from unwanted bending.

A small work of art made of 925 sterling silver - masterful Indian craftsmanship. Jewelry in ethnic style for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.

Additional product information

Weight 25.5 grams
Breite 20 mm
Diameter horizontal 62 mm
Diameter vertical 50 mm
Opening 23 mm

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