Indian Turquoise Earrings ⚜ artful Design 925 Silver

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These Indian earrings with Arizona turquoise are characterized by their unique silver design. Small triangles made of silver surround the turquoise in a round shape (Ø 10mm), an artful braid of double silver strands frames the gemstone like a kind of 'laurel wreath'. In the middle there is a small round turquoise with a diameter of 3mm, which is surrounded by a silver ornament in the shape of a sun. The entire silver decoration is rounded on the sides, the earrings are 10mm thick.
The special jewelry style underlines the expressive matrix (drawing) and color of the Arizona turquoise. These Indian earrings are a testament to the artful tradition of craftsmanship down to the smallest detail in 925 sterling silver.

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Weight-Earrings 12.3 grams
Length-Earrings 23 mm
Width-Earrings 20 mm

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