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Indian jewelry - an emotional experience! Accentuate your individuality and sensuality.

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*** Indien-Schmuckkunst goes on vacation***
*** September 21th to September 25th, 2020 *** Gehender Elefant - animierte Grafik

Dear customers,

We are on vacation from September 21th to September 25th, 2020. Orders can of course be placed during this time. The ordered items are reserved for you. You can also contact us by e-mail, we will reply promptly. Ordered jewelry will then be dispatched again from Wednesday, September 28th, 2020.

We wish you a few "golden autum days off" too!

Your 'India Jewelry Art' Indien-Schmuckkunst team



We would like to present our very interesting new jewelry items, which you can find in the Category NEW

We have been able to expand our collection of silver bracelets and for the first time also offer Ethnic Bracelet with Gold Inserts.
In the area of gemstone bracelets we were able to acquire two absolutely splendid jewelry pieces.
The splendid
Bracelet with Garnet, Jasper and Mother of Pearl matches perfectly with the garnet jewelry set. This stunning Garnet and Jasper Premium Jewelry Set is offered with an attractive price advantage. 
Also the Exquisite Bracelet with Peridot and Labradorite is an incomparable unique piece.

Silver bracelet with gold insert Garnet jewelry combination offer Harmony-Ball Pendant

For the first time we are also offering 'Harmony Ball' Pendants, like the 'Harmony Ball' Pendant with Garnet.
A 'Harmony Ball' pendant consists of a very nicely designed silver basket, which is to open in the middle with a latch. The silver basket made of 925 sterling silver carries a brass sound ball. The gentle tones, reminiscent of a whisper of the wind, can be heard by wearing the pendant. Inside the sound ball there is a free ball that runs over small metal plates like a xylophone. Fine jewelry with a long tradition - mystical and mysterious.


*** % S A L E % ***


Shimmering Moonstone with Blue Topaz - Premium Indian Jewelry Set 925 Silver

Enchanting Jewelry at attractive Prices

In the SALE category, we continuously offer jewelry at reduced prices. The actions vary. Check back often, maybe a piece of jewelry that you have already considered has a discount. We currently have a particularly large number of jewelry sets and silver chains on sale.

Pamper yourself with charming pieces of jewelry at fair, affordable prices. 


  Rose We look forward to you!
   Your 'India Jewelry Art' Indien-Schmuckkunst Team