Garnet Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver

Garnet Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver


Pendants with Garnet - Indian 925 Silver Jewelry


Garnet gemstones are found in jewelry from early Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. Many researchers and travelers used to like to carry a garnet with them. Garnet gemstones were popular as talismans and protective stones, because it was believed at the time that the garnet lighted up the night and protected its wearer from harm.
The heyday of garnet jewelry was the early Middle Ages, with garnets also being used to decorate objects. In the Middle Ages, the garnet was also known as a carbuncle stone. The Bohemian garnet has achieved particular fame.

Garnet gems are relatively insensitive and easy to work with. They just don't love hard knocks and improper heating at all.

Let yourself be inspired by the magic of the dark red glimmering garnet - here you will find pendant jewelry with garnet from the best Indian craft tradition, made in 925 sterling silver.

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New Dark red shining Garnet Pendant ☆ 925 Silver Jewelry

Indian garnet pendant with a big effect ☼ Dark red shining gemstone in facetted cut with prong setting ☼ 925 sterling silver

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Garnet Pendant in Flower Shape - Indian Silver Jewelry

Adorable delicate jewelry pendant with faceted garnet gemstones ✿ Floral design ✿ Handmade in India from 925 sterling silver

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Indian Garnet Silver Jewelry Set - Pendant and Earrings

Magnificent Indian premium jewelry set with faceted cut garnet ⚜ Pendant and earrings 925 sterling silver

69.90 *

Pendant with Garnet facetted - Indian Silver Jewelry

Teardrop-shaped faceted garnet pendant with a beautiful inner fire ☼ Indian jewelry made of 925 sterling silver

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Garnet Pendant - Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

Pendant jewelry with garnet gemstone in deep red ★ Smooth, shiny 925 sterling silver edging ★ Beautiful craftsmanship from India

41.90 *
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can be shipped within 2-6 days
Price exempt gem.§6 Abs.1 Z 27 UStG, plus delivery