Turquoise Pendants - Indian jewelry in Silver

Turquoise Pendants - Indian jewelry in Silver


Silver Jewelry Pendants with Turquoise


Artful pendant jewelry with turquoise. The turquoise gemstone has a beautiful colour - from light, almost white light blue and light green to mossy dark green.
The matrix impresses - and really tells stories. It is no coincidence that for the Native Americans the turquoise gemstone with its sky blue colour creates the direct connection from the sky to the lakes.

The turquoise jewelry pendants are decorated in a fine silver edging - smooth or splendid, as a gemstone by itself or in combination with red coral. Jewelry art from India in perfect handcraft in 925 sterling silver - the turquoise is wonderfully emphasized.

About the turquoise:

In many cultures of the old and new world, this gem has been revered for millennia as a sacred stone, lucky charm or talisman. The earliest evidence for this claim is in Egypt, where tombs with inlaid turquoises were discovered in graves dating back to around 3000 BC.

Turquoise used to be responsible for the material well-being of its wearer. They were gladly carried on the turban, often surrounded by pearls, to protect the people from the 'evil eye'. According to legend, the turquoise should have warned its owner by the change of its colour from impending disaster.

Even in South, Central and North America, turquoise has always had a very special status among the gemstones. In Mexico, for example, the Aztecs used to decorate their ceremonial masks with this, in their belief, 'sacred stone'. The Natives of North America still produce traditional silver jewelry with turquoise.

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New Indian Turquoise Jewelry Pendant • 925 Silver

Extraordinary turquoise pendant with beautiful matrix ☸ authentic Indian ethnic silver trim 925 sterling silver

51.90 *
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Artful Turquoise and Coral Pendant - 925 Silver Ethnic Jewelry

☙ Wonderful large pendant with turquoise and coral ☙ Artful design in ethnic style ☙ Premium jewelry from India in 925 sterling silver

89.90 *

Indian Turquoise Pendant - smooth Silver Setting

Oval turquoise pendant ☼ Colour medium turquoise to light, beautiful matrix ☼ Smooth edging, pendant loop decorated ☼ 925 sterling silver

33.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-6 days

Round Turquoise Pendant - Indian Silver Ethnic Jewelry

Round pendant with light blue turquoise ☼ Ornament in ethnic style and engraving on the back ☼ 925 sterling silver

37.90 *
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can be shipped within 2-6 days

Jewelry Set with Turquoise - Indian Ethnic style 925 Silver

Jewelry Set -10% discount

Turquoise pendant and earrings ornated ☼ Charming ethnic style 'Kathmandu' in 925 sterling silver from India

70.00 *
SALE 77.80 €
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can be shipped within 2-6 days

Dainty Turquoise Pendant adorned - Indian Silver Jewelry

Dainty Indian silver pendant • Turquoise teardrop-shape with beautiful matrix • Silver beads adornment • Jewelry art in 925 sterling silver

27.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-6 days

Indian Turquoise Pendant ornated - Ethnic 925 Silver Jewelry

Indian pendant turquoise with a wonderful matrix ❦ Artful silver ornaments ❦ Handmade ethnic jewelry from 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Magnificent Pendant Turquoise and Coral - Ethnic Style 925 Silver

☙ Impressive pendant with turquoise and coral ☙ Elaborately decorated ☙ Premium jewelry from India in 925 sterling silver

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