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Pendant Moldavite smooth cut drop-shape 925 Silver -70%

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Small irregularity in silver edging

This delicate pendant consists of an drop-shaped moldavite (size 26x16mm) in a beautiful green shade. The 925 sterling silver setting consists of 4 prongs (prongs = wire-shaped bars). This prong setting allows maximum incidence of light and the gemstone is emphasized in its full size and beauty. A smooth, shiny pendant loop completes the expressive moldavite.

What is unusual about this pendant is, in addition to the mystical-looking moldavite, the fact that the moldavite is 10mm thick and in smooth cabochon cut. Normally, the stone is edged in its original form. At first glance, this moldavite looks inconspicuously gray-black. In the light - especially against the light - it shines in deep green tones. A unique, distinctive gem - beautiful silversmithing from India.

Additional product information

Gewicht-Anhänger 9 grams
Länge-Anhänger 40 mm
Breite-Anhänger 17 mm

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Price exempt gem.§6 Abs.1 Z 27 UStG, plus delivery

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