Earrings with Malachite - Indian Silver Jewelry

Earrings with Malachite - Indian Silver Jewelry

In this category you will find Malachite earrings jewelry with 925 sterling silver.
Malachite is a particularly beautiful gemstone and is always cut into a cabochon. Each piece of malachite jewelry is unique thanks to its individual banding.
Due to its low hardness (Mohs hardness 3.5-4), malachite should be worn with caution. He is Sensitive to acids and heat. Prolonged contact with water, especially carbonated mineral water, destroys the shine. Appropriate care is required when cleaning.

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New Indian Malachite Earrings ❦ Ethnic Style 925 Silver

Elongated malachite earrings in navette shape decorated with ornaments ❦ Indian jewelry in ethnic style handmade of 925 sterling silver

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New Indian Malachite Earrings • stylish Design 925 Silver

Enchanting Indian earrings with malachite gemstone with a beautiful matrix • Handmade, stylish design made of 925 sterling silver

41.90 *
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can be shipped within 2-6 days

Indian Malachite Earrings • Design in 925 Silver

Very appealing malachite earrings in a playful Indian design ☸ Central malachite with wonderful drawing ☸ 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Indian 925 Silver Jewelry Earrings with Malachite

Oval malachite jewelry earrings with very beautiful band (drawing), solid in 925 sterling silver

39.90 *
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