Indian Rings Jewelry - pure Silver and with Gemstones

Indian Rings Jewelry - pure Silver and with Gemstones


Indian rings pure 925 sterling silver and in 925 sterling silver with precious stones

In this category you will find delicate, filigree rings as well as large, magnificent rings - each ring is made in the best Indian craftsmanship. The variety in design is from very smooth design to artfully decorated with silver. Complete your jewelry with rings from our Online Shop India Jewelery Art.

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Splendid 925 Silver Rings Jewelry with rare Pyrite 18-1-2

Beautiful ring with pyrite artfully made in 925 sterling silver, Indian craftsmanship. Rare pyrite ring - absolutely unique

73.90 *

Indian 925 Silver Rings Jewelry with Ruby Zoisite /1-1

Magnificent Indian silver ring with drop-shaped, rare ruby zoisite in highest quality - craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Indiaan Jewelry 925 Silver Ring with Moonstone /26-1

Large ring with moonstone in oval shape with beautiful framing silver ornament - Indian crafts in 925 sterling silver

39.90 *

Indian 925 Silver Ring Jewelry OM Symbol /6

Authentic Indian silver ring with delicate embellishment of the OM symbol - pure 925 sterling silver with blackening

31.90 *


45.90 *
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Amethyst Ring - Indian Rings Jewelry 925 Silver /15-3

Beautiful Indian silver ring with wonderful facetted cut amethyst, solidly set in 925 sterling silver

49.90 *

Impressive Amber Ring 925 Silver ornated /1

Impressive amber ring in artful ethnic style with rich silver ornament - beautiful handmade in 925 sterling silver

45.90 *

Magnificent Indian Ethnic Ring Turquoise Coral in 925 Silver 16-1-1

Magnificent Indian ethnic 925 silver ring of the 'Kathmandu' series with big ring head with red coral and turquoise

47.90 *

Indian Labradorite Rings Jewelry 925 Silver - elegant design

Beautiful Indian silver ring from 925 sterling silver with round labradorite in impressive silver design

33.90 *
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