Labradorite Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry

Labradorite Rings with Silver - Indian Jewelry


Labradorite Rings Jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver

We offer rings with labradorite gemstones in smooth edging and artfully decorated - they are Indian jewelry masterpieces in 925 sterling silver. Let yourself be inspired by the labradorite.

More about Labradorite on Wikipedia

Labradorite was named after its first locality, the Labrador peninsula. The iridescent play of colours in metallic shine is remarkable with labradorite, the so-called labradorescence. This shimmer is predominantly blue, violet and green, but occasionally also found in other colours. The most sought after is the labradorization in the whole spectrum. Labradorite is often processed into gemstones because of its beautiful shimmer.

Labradorite is also a delicate gemstone - careful treatment keeps the labradorite long shiny and beautiful.

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Indian silver ring with labradorite

Subtle Indian silver ring with wonderfully shimmering labradorite - high quality design in 925 sterling silver

31.90 *

Indian Labradorite Rings Jewelry 925 Silver - Elegant Design

Beautiful Indian silver ring from 925 sterling silver with round labradorite in impressive silver design

33.90 *

Charming Labradorite Ring cord ornament - 925 Silver

Elegant ring with wonderfully shimmering labradorite ☙ Fine cord-shaped ornament ☙ Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

35.90 *

Magnificent Ring with Labradorite and Garnet - 925 Silver Jewelry

Impressive Ring with labradorite and garnet Tasteful Indian jewelry design Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver

73.90 *

Indian Labradorite Ring 925 Silver with tripple Ring Rail

Attractive labradorite silver ring • Shimmering oval gemstone with triple ring rail • Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

37.90 *

Indian Labradorite rectangular shape - 925 Silver Rings Jewelry

Impressive Indian silver ring of 925 sterling silver with large, rectangular labradorite - an eye-catcher

43.90 *

Magnificent Labradorite Ring - Premium Jewelry in 925 Silver

Magnificent, large oval silver ring Wonderfully shimmering labradorite gemstone Indian premium jewelry made of 925 sterling silver

57.90 *
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Indian Labradorite Ring sweeping 925 Sterling Silver Design

Beautiful Indian silver ring with oval labradorite and sweeping ring band - modern design crafted in 925 sterling silver

29.90 *
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