Indian Onyx Rings • black | red • 925 Silver

Indian Onyx Rings • black | red • 925 Silver

Black Onyx - rings jewelry in 925 sterling silver

We offer rings with onyx gemstones in ornate silver or smooth silver edging. Black Onyx rings jewelry in 925 sterling silver, magnificent craftsmanship from India.

About Onyx:

Onyx is the name for various gems. On the one hand there is the onyx layer stone, which is black in its base layer and has a white top layer. This is the real onyx, it is also called Arabic onyx.
There is also a 'black onyx', actually a monochrome chalcedony, coloured black by iron and manganese deposits, and the onyx marble, which is also called in the short form onyx.

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Large 925 Silver Ring Onyx with impressive Silver Ornament /35-3

Large, round silver ring with onyx in impressive silver decoration. Magnificent jewelery from India in 925 sterling silver

59.90 *

Indian Rings Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver with Onyx black /1-2

Discreet silver ring with onyx in clear form. The deep black cabochon onyx looks very elegant - handmade in 925 sterling silver

31.90 *

Indian Rings Jewelry - Onyx black 925 Silver adorned /2-2

Discreet Indian silver ring with noble black onyx, decorated with a silver cord. An attractive piece of jewelry in 925 sterling silver

33.90 *

Indian Jewelry 925 Silver Ring with Onyx /3-5 -70% discount

Flea market -70% discount Class B-product

Silver edging not quite perfect

Solid Indian ring with black onyx oval, set in 925 sterling silver

10.10 *
SALE 33.90 €

Indian 925 Silver Rings Jewelry Onyx black modern design /6-1

Very attractive silver ring with black onyx, modern design with curved ring band. 925 sterling silver jewelry art from India

31.90 *
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery