Indian Jewelry Caskets - Sheesham

Indian Jewelry Caskets - Sheesham

Indian Jewelry Caskets from Sheesham wood

Here are several shapes and sizes of Sheesham caskets to choose from. Octagonal and rectangular variants - mostly designed with red velvet on the inside and equipped with a central closure option (eg with a small lock). Made of sheesham wood, these caskets are particularly suitable as a stylish storage for jewelry - larger pendants, silver chains, bracelets, rings - and for your 'treasures'.

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Square Jewelry Casket Box Sheesham wood with carving

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Beautiful square jewelry box from Sheesham wood with rich carving ornaments, inside lining with red velvet fabric

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Octagonal Sheesham wood Jewelry Casket Box carved brass inlay

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Dainty octagonal sheesham wood casket with carvings and brass ornaments - traditional Indian crafts

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SALE 17.90 €
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