Meenakari Caskets - Indian Jewelry case

Meenakari Caskets - Indian Jewelry case

Meenakari caskets - artful craft from Rajasthan/North India

Meenakari is the art, to decorate metal with bright colours. It is a traditional craftsmanship from India that requires a high level of skill and qualification, originating from Rajasthan.

Each piece produced is a small work of art, always involving a team of craftsmen. The production takes place in several steps: First, the artisans with the appropriate tool punch a selected design (flowers, birds, ornaments, ...) in a large-scale piece of white metal. Then the desired colors (enamel dust) are applied to the pattern with a brush and fired. The heat of the kiln melts the colours, so that the coloured liquid can be evenly distributed in the wells. Since the colours are burned individually, this process is repeated more often. Traditional colours such as red, blue, green and white are the most commonly used for Meenakari work. At the end, an already made wood carcass is covered with the finished Meenakari parts.
You will also find informations on Wikipedia - Indischer Schmuck - Meenakari
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Indian Meenakari Casket - Jewelry Case /7-1 small flaws

Small flaws -50% discount

Meenakari casket is not quite perfect on the surface, the wallpapering inside a bit poor. Therefore 50% price reduction!

Beautiful Indian jewelry casket in traditional Meenakari craftsmanship with a painted picture of an Indian lady on the lid

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SALE 45.90 €
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