Indian Pendant Onyx green with Tree of Life • Silver

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This gorgeous Indian green onyx jewelry pendant is unique. A round 3-4 mm thick green onxy disc forms the background for the silver decoration in the form of the'Tree of Life' symbol. In sunlight, this leads to breathtakingly beautiful translucent and shadow effects. Worn in this way, the green onyx with a diameter of 30mm rests directly on the cleavage. The pendant is also reversible, then the green onyx is on the outside and the silver decoration is on the inside. The border of the pendant is decorated on the 'Tree of Life' side with a wreath of silver pearls, the side with the green onyx is smoothly bordered. The pendant loop is decorated with a subtle geometric pattern.

The design of the pendant and the two wearing styles are unique - a work of art by Indian silversmiths in 925 sterling silver.

Additional product information

Gewicht-Anhänger 14 grams
Länge-Anhänger 40 mm
Breite-Anhänger 30 mm

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Price exempt gem.§6 Abs.1 Z 27 UStG, plus delivery

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