Ethnic Design Pendant Citrine with Amethyst in 925 Silver

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Noble pendant with citrine and amethyst from our magnificent premium collection.
In the upper part of the pendant, oval, rectangular and two teardrop-shaped citrines are arranged in pairs. In the lower elongated part there is a rectangular amethyst and a lying also rectangular citrine, a silver bow connects the two elements. The gemstones are surrounded by a dainty ornament made of silver cords and bows.
The citrines in the upper part are slightly larger: oval with 14x10mm, rectangular 9x8mm, teardrop-shaped 10x7mm each. In the lower part the rectangular amethyst measures 8x6mm, the rectangular citrine 9x7mm.
The six gemstones are faceted - this makes the citrine gemstones sparkle particularly beautiful in their dark yellow to golden shades, the amethyst in its purple hue complements the play of colours in an enchanting way. Each gem is finely set in silver, the back of the pendant is made entirely of silver.

A very harmonious and elegant pendant in ethnic design from Indian craftsmanship. Statement jewelry made of 925 sterling silver - a real eye-catcher.

Additional product information

Gewicht-Anhänger 15 grams
Länge-Anhänger 78 mm
Breite-Anhänger 30 mm

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