Indian Silver Pendant - Gemstones in Flower Shape

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This charming silver pendant consists of a special floral jewelry design. The citrine, peridot, amethyst and garnet gemstones harmonize with their colours very well and are arranged in a stylized flower. The two flower shapes are connected with a small chain link, on the back the pendant is made entirely of silver. The shapes of the gemstones are navette and round, the sizes are different.
In the larger, lower flower, the gemstones decorate the large lying navette-shaped amethyst. In the upper, smaller flower there is a garnet in the center surrounded by precious stones. 2 petals made of peridot and citrine complete this work of art towards the pendant loop. Every single gemstone is faceted and solidly set in 925 sterling silver. A very elaborately handmade pendant from India - a unique piece of jewelry.

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Gewicht-Anhänger 14.5 grams
Länge-Anhänger 55 mm
Breite-Anhänger 25 mm

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