Exclusive 925 Silver Bracelet • Closure with Elephant Head

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Exclusive bracelet jewelry from India - the silver bracelet is held in a high-quality braiding design and has an authentic blackening.
The absolute special is the closure with elephant head. At each end of the bracelet is an elaborately shaped elephant's head. An elephant head carries the locking hook in the trunk. The smooth bracelet is closed by hanging the locking hook in the trunk of the opposite elephant head. Here, functionality is masterfully translated into silversmithing.
The bracelet in ethnic style is perfect handcraft down to the smallest detail - e.g. is the symbol of Trishul (trident) of Lord Shiva at the head of the elephants.
The bracelet is 7mm wide and 3.5mm thick. The elephant heads are 18mm long, 11mm wide and 10mm high.

It is a solid, wide bracelet of pure 925 sterling silver - jewelry for both women and men.

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Weight 34.9 grams
Thickness Width 7 mm | Thickness 3,5 mm

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