Exquisite Bracelet Peridot and Labradorite - Silver Jewelry

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In this exquisite bracelet, the faceted cut peridot harmonize with the large cabochon cut labradorite in an enchanting way. The peridot are arranged in pairs in oval and teardrop shapes, each gemstone measures around 9x6mm or 10x6mm. Between the seven pairs of peridot there are individual oval labradorites measuring 18x14mm (also 7 pieces).
The double-row jewelry design, the mix of shapes and the play of colours with peridot and labradorite are very attractive. The part set with precious stones is 11.5 x 3 cm. The bracelet has an easy-to-close toggle clasp.

Indian craftsmanship in perfection made of 925 sterling silver - a unique piece of jewelry that inspires.

Strap width: 3cm
Bracelet length: 15.5 cm - 19 cm - variable with extension rings

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Gewicht 53.4 grams
Länge 15.5 cm - 19 cm (adjustable)

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