Gorgeous Indian Bracelet • Clasp ornated • 925 Sterling Silver

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This gorgeous Indian silver bracelet is characterized by its exceptional quality and the gorgeous ornated clasp. The bracelet is made of pure 925 sterling silver with a snake weave pattern with a slight blackening. This gives the bracelet an appealing antique look. The clasp is adorned with a tasteful engraving with subtle curved silver ribbons. This special slide lock is easy to use, the movable elements in front of it make it easier to put on the bracelet, which increases comfort. The safety latch is finely worked and protects against the unintentional opening of the clasp.

Bracelet dimensions: width 10mm | 5.5mm thick
The bracelet looks very imposing due to its width and the beautifully decorated clasp and can be worn by both women and men - suitable lengths for men available. Delightful Indian silver jewelry in a very appealing ethnic style.

Additional product information

Gewicht 65.4 grams
Breite 10 mm
Stärke 5.5 mm

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