Magnificent Indian Necklace Ethnic style • 925 Sterling Silver

Magnificent Indian Necklace Ethnic style • 925 Sterling Silver

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This Indian silver chain is 55 cm long. It has a semicircular, solid design with a beautiful drawing. The exclusivity of this silver chain is the widening width and strength. In the middle the necklace has a width of 8.5mm and a thickness of 5mm, at the ends the silver chain tapers to 5.5mm width and 3.5mm thickness. This design is very rare to find in Indian silver chains and a special feature of this solo necklace. The slight blackening and pattern give the chain an attractive antique look in ethnic style - a unique piece of perfect Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver.

♀ + ♂ Silver jewelry for both women and men

Additional product information

Gewicht 99 grams
Länge 55 cm
Durchmesser Width: 5.5 - 8.5 mm | Thickness: 3.5 - 5 mm

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