Indian 925 Silver Bangle • Ornament • 925 Silver

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At the center of this 925 sterling silver bracelet is an expressive turquoise gemstone in a medium green colour with a distinctive matrix. The oval-shaped gem with the size 18x123 mm is in a smooth silver setting and surrounded by a subtle silver ornament. To the left and right of the turquoise is a silver spiral, each with a silver pearl in the middle and a loop running outwards. Small stylized petals on the turquoise and on the sides of the bangle give the jewelry design a floral touch.
Fine craftsmanship from India - an eye-catcher.

Additional product information

Gewicht 14.5 grams
Durchmesser-horizontal 65 mm
Durchmesser-vertikal 45 mm
Öffnung 25 mm

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Price exempt gem.§6 Abs.1 Z 27 UStG, plus delivery

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