Indian Meenakari Casket Jewelry Case - small flaws

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Small flaws -50% discount

Meenakari casket is not quite perfect on the surface, the wallpapering inside a bit poor. Therefore 50% price reduction!

This square jewelry casket is made in the traditional Indian Meenakari technique. The casket has the dimensions of 15x15x6.8 cm and is lined with red velvet. The interior dimensions are 10x10x3.5 cm. Like all the other boxes, it has a small lock that can be secured with a small padlock. Furthermore, the small red or blue box has 4 pieces of floor stand at the bottom. The picture shows an Indian woman - the overall impression of the image with Meenakari technique is stunningly beautiful.
This craftsmanship is very complex and comes directly from Rajasthan. In this technique, several different jewelry artisans work together and manufacture in several steps these gems. Meenakari in short: White metal is punched. In the wells, the colours are applied individually (enamel) and fired. With this white metal foil, a wooden body is clad. You can find more information on Meenakari Technik. There is no english version, please use your convenient translation programm - thank you for your understanding.

Additional product information

Gewicht 450 grams
Länge 15 (10) cm
Breite 15 (10) cm
Höhe 6.8 (3.5) cm

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