Ring Ethnic Style Turquoise and Coral - Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

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With this silver ring, the drop-shaped ring head has the size of 30x25mm and is set with blue turquoise gemstones. The ring head is finely decorated with small silver sticks and silver pearls. Delicate red coral pieces in smooth silver setting adorn the sides of the ring head. The colour contrast of the light blue of the turquoise with the red coral is particularly attractive. The ring also has a beautiful inside - an engraving with concentric circles made of fine lines, cords and balls and the central flower made of silver pearls adorn the inner ring head.
Due to its size and design, this ring is an impressive piece of jewelry in ethnic style. Finest handcraft from India in 925 sterling silver.

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Gewicht 13 grams
Ringgröße 59

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