Jewelry Set Light blue round Chalcedony • 925 Silver -15%

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Jewelry Set -15% discount

This jewelry set consists of chalcedony earrings and pendant. The gemstones are round and cabochon cut. The chalcedony is translucent and has a wonderfully shimmering light blue colour.
The chalcedony of the pendant measures 18mm in diameter, the smooth silver setting is 2mm wide. The chalcedony of the earrings measures 12mm in diameter and is in a smooth, 1mm high silver setting.
The tasteful jewelry set is made in Indian craftsmanship of the highest quality in 925 sterling silver.

Additional product information

Weight-Earrings 4.8 grams
Length-Earrings 17 mm
Width-Earrings 14 mm
Weight-Pendant 6.4 grams
Length-Pendant 30 mm
Width-Pendant 20 mm

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