Shiva Shell Jewelry Set - Pendant and Earrings 925 Silber

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This Shiva shell jewelry set consists of a charming pendant with perfectly matching earrings. The Shiva shells are framed by a narrow silver band on the pendant and the earrings. This makes the Shiva shell appear particularly delicate and you can also see the beautiful back of the slightly arched Shiva shell - the 'lock door' of the turban snail.
The pendant with the round Shiva shell measures 13mm, the earrings with the round Shiva shell measure 12mm.
This jewelry set has a friendly look - fine craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver.
We also carry matching Shiva shell jewelry - bracelet, bangle, necklace.

Additional product information

Gewicht-Ohrringe 2 grams
Länge-Ohrringe 14 mm
Breite-Ohrringe 12 mm
Gewicht-Anhänger 1.2 grams
Länge-Anhänger 19 mm
Breite-Anhänger 13 mm

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