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Indian Pendant Turquoise Coral Lapis ❦ Ethnic Style 925 Silver

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This Indian jewelry pendant impresses with its artistic design. The teardrop-shaped Arizona turquoise has a size of 15x10mm, the silver setting is decorated with a delicate silver cord. The gemstone is framed by small silver arcs - this decoration is reminiscent of a stylized feather trimming. The silver ornament is finished with a teardrop-shaped red coral set in silver at the top and bottom. The pendant loop, decorated with a subtle sun symbol and floral engravings, carries a small teardrop-shaped lapis lazuli.

The arrangement of the precious stones, the expressive play of colours and the silver decorations are very tasteful. The authentic pendant is handmade in 925 sterling silver in the Nepal ethnic style - jewelry for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.
Due to the individual drawing of the turquoise, each pendant is unique - you get exactly the pendant pictured.


Additional product information

Weight-Pendant 7 grams
Length-Pendant 50 mm
Width-Pendant 20 mm

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3 - 3 of 20 results