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Amulet Pendant with Turquoise ☸ 925 Silver Ethnic Style

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The large round pendant in the shape of an amulet has an atmospheric expression. The traditional design, reminiscent of a mandala, measures 50mm in diameter, the small round Arizona turquoise with 4mm diameter is the center of the pendant.
The very finely crafted symbols such as the Dorje, the engraved patterns and the geometrically arranged decorations give the amulet a mythical touch. Ornate Indian work in 925 sterling silver - a feast for the eyes.
The pendant is jewelry in ethnic style for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.

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Weight-Pendant 13.4 grams
Length-Pendant 60 mm
Width-Pendant 50 mm

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6 - 6 of 22 results