Silver Information • Indian Silver Jewelry

Silver Information • Indian Silver Jewelry


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As mentioned in the 'Star Symbol', all our jewelry are made in 925 sterling silver. What does 925 Sterling Silver? You can find this and more answers about the precious metal silver here in the 'Silver Information' section. On five pages you will find valuable information on silver alloys and silver testing methods.

Some of this information is also provided in the form of videos on our homepage under - Services, Subcategory 'Behind the Scenes'.

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On page 1 of our Silver Information you will find detailed information about silver alloys
=> Silver Information Page 1 - Silver Alloys

On page 2 you will find further information about silver tests
=> Silver Information Page 2 - Silver tests

On page 3 possible problems with the silver tests are highlighted
=> Silver Information Page 3 - Problems with silver tests

Finally, the acid test is described in detail on page 4
=> Silver Information Page 4 - Acid test


Indian Silver Bangles Jewelry A lot more information about silver can be found on our homepage under the category:

Services, Subcategory 'Noble Silver'.

Here you will find information on various silver topics including further links on three pages.



Here is a collection of further links to these topics: