Your Advantages Online Shop ❂ India Jewelry Art

Your Advantages Online Shop ❂ India Jewelry Art


Online Shop 'India Jewelry Art' ❂ 925 Silver Jewelry

Your advantages:

Exquisite Designs

Indian jewelry made of 925 sterling silver is real jewelry. Our jewelry is made exclusively from 925 sterling silver. Silver presents itself here as a precious metal in an elegant and imaginative form. Whether as a snake chain, as a king's chain, as a bracelet or as a setting for gemstones - with real jewelry you make a statement. Silver jewelry is valuable, always up-to-date and underlines you and your personality as a decorative accessory. Set accents - with a necklace, a beautiful pendant or a ring with a gemstone that is artistically set in silver. You can wear our jewelry solo or put it together as a set. Every piece of jewelry is an eye-catcher - in workmanship, quality and expression. You will find a large selection of jewelry in different designs. The harmonious combination of precious stones and silver, the variety of shapes and the elaborate design are the result of a living tradition of craftsmanship. Our products are made exclusively in India. Convince yourself of the valuable materials in authentic design, the expressiveness of silver and precious stones, underline your personality with charming pieces of jewelry from Indian silversmithing.

Your advantage: jewelry in exclusive designs made of 925 sterling silver

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Detailed photos

We are very in love with detail and like our range of Indian jewelry. It is therefore our goal to show you all of our jewelry in a real and meaningful way in the respective product gallery.

We only take pictures in daylight - so you can get the best possible picture of the jewelry. As a small note, please note that the display by your monitor, colour settings of your display, etc. may vary. All of the products are superbly represented by the large format pictures. Detailed descriptions with exact weight information complete the descriptive presentation. We would like to offer you a good overview of the respective article. Enjoy and make your own choice with the photos and product descriptions for your desired piece of jewelry from India!

Your advantage:
✓ Jewelry photographed true to detail in daylight

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Individual Service

Indien-Schmuckkunst 'India Jewelry Art' is a small, privately owned online shop that imports selected jewelry directly from India, the city of Jaipur. There are no large quantities of cheap bulk products imported that are squandered at dumping prices. We rely on high quality and unique craftsmanship for our jewelry.

We carry selected pieces of jewelry in high quality. Many products in our shop are single pieces or only available in very small quantities.
Our 'small size' also gives you the advantage of an individual and personal, flexible service. Write us your wishes - we will respond quickly and we will try to fulfill them. Do you have a fixed gift date or do you want a ring in two sizes, because you are not sure, do you want to see the jewelry in the course of a home party and present it to your friends ... - we will find a solution.

Your advantage:
✓ Individual, flexible and customer-oriented service

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Optional Possibility of an Individual Customer Account

With an optional customer account, you can use the extended service offerings.
With such a customer account you have the options

  • create multiple delivery addresses
  • ​save your data - no repeated re-entries for orders
  • create and save watch lists
  • view your orders

This requires a one-time registration and log in each time you use the online shop.
This option is OPTIONAL - i.e., a purchase as before, without registration, is of course still possible.

There is a small box on the right - 'Registration'. If you want to create a new customer account for the first time,
then please click on 'register'. You will then be given the opportunity to enter the data for creating a customer account.
You will then immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to the email address you have provided. As soon as you have clicked on the confirmation link in this email, your account is created and activated.
From now on, all options of the customer account are available to you. Please log in to use the online shop with your user/password - and simply log out after use.

Did you forget your password? --> a corresponding possibility of re-assigning a password is available.

Your advantage:
✓ Useful functions of your customer account

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Secure Payment

All payment processes offered in the shop are SSL-encrypted.

Definition of SSL encryption

Your payment process is therefore absolutely safe from hackers and other data thieves.

The payment processes offered are prepayment by bank transfer and payment via PayPal - including the option of paying with a credit card. When paying via PayPal, you also have the security of getting your money back in the event of a problem. Here PayPal offers excellent buyer protection.

Informations about Paypal, Paypal-Website

The order/payment processes in the shop adapt to the chosen option. Further information can also be found on the 'Customer service' page.

Attention: Bank charges that result from a payment from/to a country with a currency other than the EUR are at the expense of the buyer. This concerns both the payment costs of the buyer, as well as possible repayment costs of India jewelry. We kindly ask for consideration.

Your advantage:
✓ Simple, proven and above all secure payment

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Fast Shipping

If you pay with PayPal, we will ship within 1-2 working days, in the case of bank transfer also 1-2 working days after your valuable transfer has been credited.
Only in exceptional cases do we ship a little later - we will of course inform you about this.

You will be informed about the dispatch by e-mail.

Our head office is in Vienna, Austria.

  • The delivery period within Austria is 1-3 working days
  • The delivery period to Germany is 2-6 working days.
  • We offer insured shipping to Switzerland* with delivery time is 2-3 working days.
    * for shipping to Switzerland: Please take into account any delays caused by customs clearance
  • The delivery period of shipping to all other countries supplied is between 4-8 working days.

Note: Before Christmas, the shipping times may be longer due to the high volume of parcels.

Our shipping of your order is a transparent process. The waiting time for your jewelry purchase is short; you will receive your valuable order within a few days.

Your advantage:
✓ Reliable, fast shipping

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Fair Shipping Costs

Fair shipping costs - prompt delivery


  • within Austria: €4.75
  • to Germany: €9.30
  • to Switzerland*: €18.10
    * for shipping to Switzerland: please take into account any customs fees
  • Shipping to all other countries* supplied: €14.90
    * Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden

A few short words regarding shipping charges:
We try to keep the shipping charges as cheap as possible for you. There are certainly shops that are even cheaper, but unfortunately we are not power sellers and only have a small volume, which means that we do not benefit from special wholesale prices. A transparent model for shipping costs is important to us, which is why we offer affordable and flat-rate tariffs.

Your advantage:
✓ Transparent, flat-rate and cheap shipping charges

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Shipping to 16 Countries

In addition to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, we now also deliver to the countries whose flags you can see on the right with the Google Translate Gadget:
Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden.
With this translation tool it is possible for you to translate the entire web shop including the ordering process.
In addition to the Google translate option already mentioned, we generally offer our shop in two languages in German and English. Select the preferred language by clicking on the German or English flag in the menu bar.

Your advantage:
✓ Shipping to 16 countries

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Attractive Jewelry Box

We send our jewelry in selected jewelry boxes. All jewelry boxes are of course free of charge.

Free jewelry boxes for your Indian jewelry - sample photos

Your advantage:
✓ Attractive, free jewelry box for your jewelry

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Try At Home

As a customer, you should be satisfied with your purchase - this is very important for us as an online shop. Trying is essential, especially when it comes to jewelry. The supposed disadvantage of an online shop for jewelry is that the products cannot be viewed and tried on before purchase. However, online shopping offers a very important advantage for you - you can return the goods purchased in the online shop within the 14-day right of withdrawal from receipt of the goods. This is how the right of withdrawal protects you from incorrect purchases - in our opinion this is an important point for jewelry.

You can try on the pieces of jewelry at your home, test variations, combine them with your existing chains, clothing, etc. You decide in peace whether you are satisfied with your purchase.
You have enough time to try out the many possible combinations with the jewelry you have purchased. Shopping in a retail store often does not offer these extensive tasting options and the time.

The advantage of shopping in a store is, of course, that you can look at the pieces of jewelry directly, touch them, try them on - but you are still not protected against a bad buy. If the seller urges you, the purchased jewelry does not match your existing jewelry, the lighting in the shop is deceptive, or you may have been drawn to a purchase that you regret --> you can usually buy the goods in a shop do not return or usually only exchange for credit. This is the advantage of jewelry purchased online - you can ALWAYS return your jewelry within the return period and get your money back!

Your advantage:
✓ Time for extensive testing at home - protection against bad purchases

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14 Days Right of Return

Distance Selling Act - Your Legal Advantage

A consumer who buys goods in the online shop concludes a so-called 'distance selling contract'.

Such a transaction can be revoked by the consumer by returning the goods after contacting them beforehand. Since the last legal reform, the withdrawal must be communicated before the goods are returned.
For this purpose, we have a PDF-Icon Cancellation form for downloading and printing in our shop under Terms and Conditions/Cancellation.

You can send this to us by post or e-mail. But you don't have to use it, an informal email or phone call is all it takes. The respective consumer protection law of the home country of the consumer applies to the duration, deadlines and further details of the revocation.

Therefore there is a great diversity within the EU. German law is considered one of the strictest in this case. The latest amendment has made adjustments here.

Consumers have the option to revoke the closed business for 14 days from receipt of the goods.
The consumer must send the goods back and get their money (purchase price including postage already paid) back.
The return costs are borne by the customer. Please contact us in advance so that we can make the return shipment as cheap as possible for you. If a piece of jewelry has been damaged during transport to you or we have delivered the wrong goods by mistake, we will of course also bear the return costs.

Your advantage:
✓ 14-day right of withdrawal - satisfaction or refund

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Loyalty Discount -10%

Your trust is worth 10% discount! We grant all our regular customers a permanent discount of 10% from their 4th purchase. The discount refers to the shopping cart value (excl. Shipping) and is not linked to any other condition. I.e. it applies to all products and there is no minimum order value. Permanent discount means that this discount is not limited in time or in any other way - it now applies to every order. This discount applies to all items.

Who is now a regular customer? Well, all people who have bought from us 3 times are now listed as regular customers. So that our shop software can automatically identify you as a regular customer, it is necessary that you register once in the shop and log in when ordering. This gives you several advantages, among others you do not have to enter your data every time, etc. and the shop automatically deducts 10% from the shopping cart value. If you do not want to register/log in, even though you are a regular customer, I would ask you to inform us of your mode as a regular customer when placing an order. You can do this e.g. B. when placing an order in the input field _Comments on the order and delivery' - simply write in the word regular customer. The deduction is not noted in the automatically sent confirmation of receipt, but you simply pay 10% less. The discount is then noted in the invoice sent.

Your advantage:
✓ Loyalty discount -10% on the shopping cart from the 4th purchase

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