Indian Snake Chain Ø 2.6mm *Eyelet detachable* 925 Silver

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This Indian snake chain with Ø 2.6mm is characterized by the best quality. It is very supple, delicately crafted and a jewelry all-round talent. These snake chains can be worn solo or as a pendant chain for e.g. small to medium-sized pendants. With the decorated Indian hook closure the necklace has an exotic note and the slight blackening gives it an authentic antique look.

The additional specialty is the detachable locking eyelet. This makes it possible to carry any pendant (with a pendant loop at least 2.9mm in diameter) with this snake chain. Simply unscrew the eyelet from the chain, thread the pendant and screw the eyelet back on. The thread of the eyelet is manufactured very precisely, the locking eyelet remains reliably screwed in place.
This snake chain is made entirely of 925 sterling silver in wonderful Indian craftsmanship - jewelry for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.

Additional product information

Weight 25.3 grams
Kettenlänge 45 cm - 25,3 g
Durchmesser 2.6 mm

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