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Indian jewelry - an emotional experience! Accentuate your individuality and sensuality.

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We would like to present our very interesting new jewelry items, which you can find in the Category NEW

We have been able to expand our collection of silver bracelets and for the first time also offer Ethnic Bracelet with Gold Inserts.
In the area of gemstone bracelets we were able to acquire two absolutely splendid jewelry pieces.
The splendid
Bracelet with Garnet, Jasper and Mother of Pearl matches perfectly with the garnet jewelry set. This stunning Garnet and Jasper Premium Jewelry Set is offered with an attractive price advantage. 
New in our range is jewelry with Sodalite and Pietersite - incomparable unique pieces.

Silver bracelet with gold insert Garnet jewelry combination offer Sodalith Pendant Jewelry Ethnic Style


*** Special and Free for You: Silicone Stopper for Earrings ***
*** Earring stopper prevent loss of your earrings when wearing a protective mask *** Gehender Elefant - animierte Grafik


Free silicone earring stopper from Indien-Schmuckkunst

For over 2 years we have been giving earring stopper to every pair of earrings free of charge. The earrings stay in the ear - no loosening or unfastening of the earrings.

From our own experience, these earring stopper have proven to be very practical, especially when wearing protective masks. You enter a shop or means of transport - you put on the protective mask, put the rubber or fabric bands over your ears. You could erroneously loosen the earrings. When the protective mask is removed, the loosened earring can come unfastened and the earring can easily be lost. This is prevented with the earring stopper.

The handling of the earring stopper is very simple: You pull the earring stopper over the ear hanger - so you fix the earring.
With every pair of earrings free silicone earrings stopper from Indien-Schmuckkunst The earring stopper are 4mm in size, are made of skin-friendly silicone, the colour is transparent, so they are barely visible. Most importantly, your earrings are protected against loss even when wearing protective mask.

Our special service for you: the earring stopper are included with every pair of earrings for free!


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