Indian Pendants Jewelry - pure Silver and with Gemstones

Indian Pendants Jewelry - pure Silver and with Gemstones

Beautiful silver pendant jewelry from India - pendants made of pure 925 sterling silver and pendants made of 925 sterling silver with gemstones.

The necklaces shown in this section are used to better illustrate the pendants. You only buy the respective pendant without chain. In the category Silver Chains you will find matching necklaces.

Since the pendant loop is often designed very intricate and firmly connected part of the pendant, this is calculated in the length specifications with it.

Due to the manual work deviations of the dimensions are possible.

The photos are close-ups, therefore we kindly ask to pay attention to the size and weight specifications of the items in this category. The pendant size ranges from 2cm to 10cm.

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Elegant Silver Jewelry Pendant with Rose Quartz - 'Jaipur /10'

Elegant jewelry pendant with rose quartz and garnet with noble decoration - a unique piece of Indian craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

59.90 *
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Indian silver pendant jewelry - Tree of Life 17-1

Indian silver jewelry pendant in authentic 'tree of life' shape - filigree handmade in 925 sterling silver

37.90 *
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43.90 *
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Indian moonstone jewelry silver pendant

Very beautiful, drop-shaped Indian moonstone pendant in 925 sterling silver with plain silver ornaments

39.90 *
In stock

Indian silver jewelry pendant with amethyst 17-2

Oval, elongated silver jewelry pendant with gorgeous amethyst - set in 925 sterling silver

45.90 *
In stock

Indian Amulet Silver Jewelry Pendant Blue Sapphire

Beautiful Indian amulet ethnic silver jewelery pendant with a central blue sapphire - 925 sterling silver

39.90 *
In stock

Indian Sea Jasper blue oval 925 Silver Jewelry Pendant /2-1 (Größe: klein)

Very beautiful Sea Jasper silver jewelry pendant with a blue play of colours and a gorgeous copper-gold matrix in 925 sterling silver

35.90 *
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Rectangular Indian Lapis Lazuli Silver Jewelry Pendant /17-3

In high quality 925 sterling silver rimmed, rectangular lapis lazuli with deep blue colour - elegant silver jewelry pendant from India

57.90 *
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47.90 *
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