Tiger's-eye Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver

Tiger's-eye Pendants - Indian Jewelry in Silver


Silver Jewelry Pendants with Tiger's-eye


Here you will find the splendid tiger's-eye jewelry pendants from India in perfect design. Wonderful craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver - a real eye-catcher.

The name tiger's-eye:
When looking at a tiger's-eye, the cabochon cut of the gemstone creates a special effect and one has the impression of looking into the eye of a big cat. The colour of the tiger's-eye is a warm light to dark golden brown and brown, the typical drawing of the tiger's-eye is fibrous striped.

As an amulet, the tiger's-eye was supposed to protect against demons and hexes in the Middle Ages. Traditions indicate that even the crusaders are said to have worn the tiger's-eye during the battles. The Greeks and Arabs believed that the stone made its wearer funny and sharpened his senses. He avoids criminal influences, strengthens friendships and protects against false friends.

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New Indian Tiger's-Eye Pendant ☙ Ethnic Style 925 Silver Jewelry

Indian pendant with a wonderfully shimmering tiger's-eye ☙ Fine ornamentation in ethnic style ☙ Craftsmanship in 925 sterling silver

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Elegant Indian Silver Pendant Tiger's-eye Pearl Garnet

Pendant with tiger eye, freshwater pearl and garnet in elegant design - Indian jewelry in 925 sterling silver

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Indian Silver Jewelry Pendant • Tiger's-eye and Garnet

Indian jewelry pendant with tiger's-eye and garnet - fine, harmonious pendant made by hand in 925 sterling silver

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Indian Pendant with Tiger's-eye in 925 Silver

Gorgeous jewelry pendant with sparkling tiger's-eye gemstone ☼ Smooth, elegant 925 sterling silver edging ☼ Craftsmanship from India

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