Black Star of India Premium Silver Jewelry Set 18-1

Black Star of India Premium Silver Jewelry Set 18-1

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This beautiful premium jewelry set consists of a pair of Black Star of India earrings and a matching pendant.

Black Star of India: This gemstone is found only in India and comes from the Diopside family. The star diopside - Star of India - is four-rayed, with one ray always being much blurred than the other. The beam is created by light reflection on needle-like magnetite inclusions. The beam is visible only at point light - i. You have to hold the piece of jewelry in the right angle in the sunlight to see it. In addition, the gem must be cut cabochon.
The black gemstone has a silky shimmering surface.

The pendant is made of a black star size 14x9 mm and is framed by a silver ornament with tiny silver beads.

The earrings consist of an oval Black Star with 15x10 mm and are set in a smooth silver edging.

Each stone is solidly set in 925 sterling silver. This jewelry set is exceptional, elegant and the wearer knows about the peculiarity of the gemstone.

Additional product information

Gewicht-Ohrringe 6.4 grams
Länge-Ohrringe 15 mm
Breite-Ohrringe 11 mm
Gewicht-Anhänger 5 Gramm
Länge-Anhänger 27 mm
Breite-Anhänger 14 mm

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