Rutilated Quartz with Garnet • Statement Jewelry 925 Silver

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This unique premium jewelry set (combination offer) with rutilated quartz and garnet consists of a pendant, the matching earrings, a perfectly matched bracelet and a ring. This exclusive jewelry set is decorated with stunning rutilated quartz with garnet gemstones.

About Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz which contains acicular (needle-like) inclusions of rutile. These inclusions mostly look golden, but they also can look silver, copper red or deep black. While otherwise inclusions often reduce the value of a crystal, rutilated quartz in fact is valued for the quality and beauty of these inclusions. Rutilated Quartz is is used as gemstone for jewelry.

The pendant consists of three very large rutilated quartz (15x27mm, 12x25mm and 15x30mm) in cabochon cut and four faceted cut garnet gemstones (6x8 mm).

The earrings consist of a teardrop-shaped dark rutilated quartz with 14x10mm. Above it is an oval onyx with 9x7mm size. Underneath is an ensemble of 4 facetted cut garnet gemstones.

On the bracelet, two large ensembles with garnet gemstones are arranged between the three large oval (each 16x22mm) rutilated quartz gemstones with fine dark inclusions. Three facetted cut garnets together form a floral ornament. The garnet gemstones are facetted cut, oval with 6x8mm, in navette shape with 5x10mm and round with 5mm diameter.
The dark red colour of the garnet harmonises perfectly with the silver-gray colour of the rutilated quartz. The rutilated quartz with the rare colour scheme and the unique jewelry design with garnet make this bracelet particularly attractive. The length of the bracelet can be varied from 19 cm to 22 cm with adjustment rings and has a lobster clasp.

In the beautiful Indian silver ring, the large, teardrop-shaped dark rutilated quartz with a size of 25x17mm harmonizes particularly well with the laterally arranged garnet gemstones. The four garnet gemstones are cut faceted and have a diameter of 5mm or a size of 8x6mm and 7x5mm. The ring rail is 4mm wide.
The ring weighs 9.6 grams and has the size 59.

Each gemstone is solidly set in 925 sterling silver.

A piece of artwork of Indian silversmithing - a dreamlike and unique combination offer with price advantage.

Additional product information

Weight Bracelet: 31 grams | Ring: 9.6 grams, size 59
Length Bracelet: 19 cm - 22 cm (adjustable)
Weight-Earrings 12.5 grams
Length-Earrings 50 mm
Width-Earrings 15 mm
Weight-Pendant 13.3 grams
Length-Pendant 60 mm
Width-Pendant 28 mm

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Ring Rutilated Quartz with Garnet - Indian 925 Silver Jewelry (Ringgröße: 59)
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