Indian Ethnic Bracelet • Snake Chain Design • 925 Silver

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This Indian silver bracelet has a special snake chain design - the individual snake chain elements are very close together. As a result, the bracelet has a very smooth surface, a compact appearance and is supple to wear. The bracelet is flat on the inside and slightly curved on the outside in a semicircular shape. The ends are solidly bordered and ornated with delicate straps alternating with two rows of small silver pearls, the eyelet/hook fastener is also authentic.
Dimensions of the bracelet: width 6mm | thickness 4mm

Due to the slightly blackened 925 sterling silver, the bracelet is in an appealing ethnic style - an elegant eye-catcher and piece of jewelry for ♀ + ♂ both women and men.

Additional product information

Weight 35.2 grams
Bracelet length 20 cm - 35,2 g
Width 6 mm
Thickness 4 mm

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