Indian Bangles Jewelry • Silver • Gemstones

Indian Bangles Jewelry • Silver • Gemstones


Indian Bangles - 925 Silver Jewelry in Top Quality


Here you will find exquisite Indian bangles in impressive and authentic designs. Bangles made entirely of 925 sterling silver and bangles made from 925 sterling silver in combination with gemstones - high quality Indian craftsmanship.

Bracelets have the advantage that they are quick and easy to put on and because of the flexible feature, a bracelet can be optimally adjusted to the wrist.

Our silver bracelets in particular are also popular with men. All silver bracelets are without exception made of hallmarked 925 sterling silver and of the highest manufacturing quality.
When it comes to gemstone bangles, we have delicate bangles with a central gemstone, but also wide, solid bangles or bangles that consist of a large number of individually set gemstones.
These bangles are true precious of Indian jewelry art.