Indian Pendants Jewelry • Gemstones • 925 Silver

Indian Pendants Jewelry • Gemstones • 925 Silver


Attaktive Pendant Jewelry - Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

  • Pendants with Gemstones in 925 Silver
  • Pendants pure 925 Silver

We carry a large variety of beautiful pendants with gemstones and purely made of silver. In our online shop we offer you pendant jewelry in both modern and ethnic style.

⚜ From subtle to pompous - choose from the tasteful jewelry designs ⚜
Gemstones in smooth and shiny silver edging can be found as well as artistically decorated ethnic jewelry. The gemstones used are of high quality, the cabochon or facet cut expresses their beauty wonderfully. The purely silver pendants impress with their imaginative patterns and shapes.

Each pendant is made of 925 sterling silver in Indian craftsmanship. The tradition of Indian silversmiths is characterized by their craftsmanship, the harmonious interplay of the gemstones with silver and, above all, with the attention to detail.

We offer you particularly magnificent pendants in the Premium Pendants Jewelry category. Let yourself be inspired by the unique arrangements in magnificent colors and exclusive design. These pendants present themselves as unique pieces or in the smallest quantities with their shimmering and sparkling gemstones set perfectly in silver - a feast for the eyes.

Matching necklaces for pendants

In the category Silver Chains you will find matching necklaces made of 925 sterling silver.
Note: The necklaces depicted in this section serve to better depict the pendant. You only buy the respective pendant without chain.

Pendant length

Since the pendant loop is often very artistically designed and is a firmly connected part of the trailer, this is included in the length information.
Due to the manual work, small deviations in dimensions are possible.


The photos are close-ups. We therefore ask you to note the size and weight of the items in this category. The pendant size ranges from 2 cm to 10 cm.