Earrings 'Tree of Life' ☙ Indian 925 Silver Jewelry

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In the history of religion, the Tree of Life is a symbol for life itself. The tree of life is part of many cultures and an ancient symbol of the cosmic order.
The 'Tree of Life' is depicted in these Indian earrings. The tree trunk is in the center of a silver disc, its branches stretch out at the top and its roots below. At the side branches and roots merge - symbolically the connection between heaven, earth and underworld. The filigree yet solid structure is framed by a silver ring with a height of 1mm. The earrings measure 19mm in diameter and are meticulously handcrafted in 925 sterling silver.
We carry another model of earrings, pendants and a ring model with the 'Tree of Life' symbol - wonderful Indian jewelry in ethnic design.

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Weight-Earrings 3.3 grams
Length-Earrings 21 mm
Width-Earrings 19 mm

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