Indian Turquoise Earrings • stylish Decoration 925 Silver

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These Indian turquoise earrings impress with their stylish ethnic look. The round Arizona turquoise with a diameter of 5mm is placed in the middle of a round silver disc and framed by a silver cord. Silver ribbons in a floral design entwine themselves with the central gemstone and are framed by a delicate silver cord on the outside. The earrings have a wonderful effect of depth due to the slightly blackened silver of the silver disc and the light silver decoration on it. The back of the earrings is made of shiny silver.
Very attractive jewelry handcrafted in 925 sterling silver.

We also have a pendant and a ring model in this design.

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Weight-Earrings 7.9 grams
Length-Earrings 23 mm
Width-Earrings 23 mm

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